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Jim lecture slides -- "Space Lessons for Earth Safety" -- 2006


Two Years Before Columbia, Jim Pointed to Flawed NASA Safety Culture:

In Scientific American, February 2000, he wrote:
"Many observers have been alarmed at the apparent increase [of failures], which could be a symptom of deeper problems that could lead to more failures in the future. . . . NASA will have to address its systemic weaknesses if it is to avoid a new string of expensive, embarrassing and perhaps in some cases life-threatening foul-ups."

In New Scientist, April 15, 2000, he wrote:
"Critics say that a number of accidents, oversights and failures in other NASA programmes indicate that other parts of the organisation are stretched to breaking point. NASA, they say, is repeating the errors that led to the Challenger disaster. The consequences of a future accident could, also, be fatal.. . . The cost of forgetting is now measured in hundreds of millions of dollars, years of delay and public humiliation. So far, no more human lives have been lost but the question NASA must answer is whether this will continue."


Aviation Disaster Controversies


The Columbia Catastrophe


KAL - 007 30th Anniversary


Space Quarantine

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Vigorous vibrations caught on video during orbital reboost last month [and NASA kept them secret]
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Oberg: “I must confess I'm a more than a little bit dismayed by Mr. Engelauf's apparent brushing off the question of what caused the original computer problems with the assurances that since the crew has found a way to get them working again, the problems are for all intents and purposes solved”

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2001 - How Mars Missions Fail -- And How To Prevent It
12/2000 - Spectrum: Russia's Infrastructure Decay
05/19/2000 - lpi.usra.edu: Investigating and Reporting on the Mars '98 Catastrophe
LPI Seminar Series

“Oberg will give credit to the thoroughness and integrity of the accident review boards but will argue that NASA leadership still doesn't seem to ‘get it’ about where the flaws originated… This culture remains unacknowledged and uncorrected and may lead to more unpleasant and expensive setbacks.

02/01/2000 - NASA's Not So Shining Moments
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09/18/1997 - Statement for House Science Committee
06/26/1997 - Memo on Fallacy of claiming 'Mir Is Safe'
05/26/1997 - PBS Newshour: Debate on Safety of Mir (Oberg vs Sagdeev)
03/21/1997 - NY Times: Problems Fail To Unsettle U.S. Scientist On Aging Mir

Oberg: ''They've gotten away with shaving their margins and stretching their limits, and people are treating that as somehow proof they can do so indefinitely.'' [This was prior to the docking collision that nearly killed all three crewmen, including astronaut Jerry Linenger]
03/1997 - Consultant Report: Soyuz Landing Safety
02/1997 - Fires (And Smokescreens) On Mir- Unheeded warnings about fire dangers on Russian spacecraft
12/1995 - Russia's Space Program: Running On Empty - Part 2
12/1995 - Russia's Space Program: Running On Empty - Part 1: James Oberg's grim account of the fate of the Russian space program
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07/23/1993 - Oberg NASA briefing: Mitigation of Hazards of Spacecraft-Generated Debris
1988 - The Bloody Border
1988 - Uncovering Soviet Disasters: Chapter on dead cosmonauts
03/1986 - Soviet Aerospace Disinformation
1986 - Chapter 5: Submarines Uncovering Soviet Disasters


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