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02/02/2013 - MSNBC: "Did NASA Keep Columbia's doomed Crew in the Dark?"
02/01/2013 - nbcnews.com: Top 10 myths surrounding NASA's Columbia space shuttle disaster
02/01/2013 - nbcnews.com: Ten years later, Columbia's tragic loss serves as a warning to NASA
MSNBC debunks Columbia/Hale Media Mythmaking
12/02/2003 - MSNBC.com: NASA split over space station noise
11/15/2003 - New Scientist: Building a Tile Repair Kit
11/07/2003 - MSNBC.com: Crew for STS 114 Confirmed
09/22/2003 - MSNBC.com: NASA adds extra shuttle mission
09/15/2003 - MSNBC.com: Expert Warns of Future Shuttle Woes
08/25/2003 - MSNBC.com: NASA's culture of denial
08/21/2003 - USA Today: NASA Requires Overhaul at the Top
07/23/2003 - MSNBC.com: "Post-Columbia NASA hunkers down"
07/08/2003 - MSNBC.com: The Hole in NASA's Safety Culture
06/03/2003 - MSNBC.com: Documents detail shuttle what-ifs
05/29/2003 - MSNBC.com: Musgrave Endorses Spacewalk Idea
04/22/2003 - MSNBC.com: Columbia debris search nears end
03/03/2003 - DISCOVERY-CANADA: Comments on recovered videotape (Video)
03/01/2003 - MSNBC.com: Alan Boyle Cosmic Log comments
02/28/2003 - MSNBC.com: A patchwork plan for space rescue
02/27/2003 - MSNBC.com: Next space station mission approved
02/26/2003 - DISCOVERY-CANADA: On the last moments of the Columbia's flight (Video)
02/20/2003 - MSNBC.com: Columbia's final readings deciphered
02/09/2003 - MSNBC.com: Corrosion suggested in shuttle crash

02/03/2003 - abc.net.au: Future of space missions questioned [post-Columbia]

Oberg: “I think some people are using the coffins as a soapbox. It always happens, it is unseemly and the best thing to do is treat such people with the contempt they deserve.”
Oberg: “We are explorers, we are discoverers, and that if we stop exploring and discovering, we stagnate and eventually we’re gone, because we humans are descendents, not of the stay-at-homes, the smug self-satisfied stomach and groin crowd, but of the people who went out, risked and died to find out new things.”

02/03/2003 - DISCOVERY-CANADA: "Daily Planet" (Video)

Some NBC Nightly News pieces with comments by Oberg: 1(Video),2(Video)

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