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Shuttle's Last Hubble Servicing Mission

10/30/2008 - John Glenn Space Reflight Ten-Year Anniversary
06/14/2007 - MSNBC.com: Space station glitch puzzles the experts
12/22/2006 - MSNBC.com: Northrop Strip shuttle landing field -- a personal memoir
12/22/2006 - MSNBC.com: "White Sands Space Harbor -- A Dusty Corner of History"
12/11/2006 - MSNBC.com: Space Shuttle Night Launch – “Ring of fire” Effect
12/06/2006 - MSNBC.com: Why a night launch is the right launch
10/04/2006 - MSNBC.com: NASA studying a "ding" on shuttle
03/07/2006 - MSNBC.com: NASA checking shuttle tank concerns
03/06/2006 - MSNBC.com: Blackstar: Did Pentagon create orbital space plane?
02/24/2006 - MSNBC.com: Shuttle 'ankle-biters' threaten countdown
02/06/2006 - MSNBC.com: Uncertainties cloud shuttle schedule
11/27/2003 - BBC: Last Flight of the Columbia

“The first feeling of course is oh no not again. Not what is it that we did wrong. Because we know how to fly shuttles safely, we’ve done it more than a hundred times, but something had gone wrong in the processing and in the decision making process, somebody on our team hadn’t done their job. And it’s a feeling of loss and a feeling of betrayal.”
12/07/2002 - CNN: (Miles O’Brien) chats with Oberg re shuttle landing
12/1996 - Air and Space Magazine (PDF File): United We Orbit
1996 - Visual Observations of Space Shuttle STS-72 Entry


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