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Vostok Mission -- 50th Anniversary

Vostok, Gagarin, and the Origin (and Persistence) of the “False Baikonur”

NPR's Krulwich Ignites Gagarin/Soyuz-1 controversy  (see comments)

Elliott Gould Narrates "Ilyushin Was First" Conspiracy Crockumentary

Excerpts from Jim's Discoveries of Photo Forgeries Around Gagarin

THE authoritative history of the Vostok mission (Siddiqi's "Challenge to Apollo")
Chapter Seven: Gagarin (pp 243-298)



1/1975 - Space World Magazine: Phantoms of space - The secret dead Russian Comsonauts

Why the world still remembers its first spaceman

Celebrating Gagarin's Anniversary (Jim's 1991 Essay)

Russian TV: "Cosmonaut Nelyubov: He Could Have Been First"

What We Knew About the Mission in 1981 ("Red Star in Orbit")


Jim next to Vostok
Jim gets closer to a flown spacecraft
Jim in Vostok
Inside the spacecraft, plenty of room even for Jim
Jim NYC undisclosed
Jim visits the capsule at an undisclosed location near New York City



Fiftieth Anniversary – Birth of the Space Age

A series of major articles on aspects of the half-century mark in the Space Age.


New 'Challenger disaster' amateur video
07/24/2009 - MSNBC.com: Unraveling Russia’s moon riddles
07/20/2009 - MSNBC.com: That’s one small misstep for most moon tales
10/30/2008 - John Glenn Space Reflight Ten-Year Anniversary
10/04/2007 - Ad Astra: Sputnik's Space Age Legacy for Humanity
08/07/2007 - MSNBC.com: Human failings serve as NASA wake-up call
05/14/2007 - MSNBC: A tale of two rockets ... with a happy ending
05/14/2007 - TheSpaceReview.com: The Mercury 13: setting the story straight
05/12/2005 - MSNBC.com: Apollo-16 "dish UFO" image identified
04/12/2007 - MSNBC.com: Film finds fresh "Wonder" in moon tales
03/29/2007 -- Fireball fears stoked by space history
02/08/2007 - MSNBC.com: Veteran NASA doctor says agency must do more [re: astronaut job stress]
01/27/2007 - MSNBC.com: NASA must fight the forgetting
Winter/2006 - ROBOT Magazine: A History of Space Robots (and Arms) on Other worlds
12/22/2006 - MSNBC.com: Northrop Strip shuttle landing field -- a personal memoir
12/22/2006 - MSNBC.com: "White Sands Space Harbor -- A Dusty Corner of History"
10/22/2006 - NASA Space: NASA's Newest [and oldest] Flight Control Room
04/2006 - IEEE Spectrum: "When two spacecraft meet, they rely on Vladimir Syromyatnikov"
03/24/2006 - MSNBC.com: ArabSat bites the dust, dashing hopes
03/08/2006 - MSNBC.com: Mars orbiter faces NASA’s ‘Ghoulish’ past
03/06/2006 - MSNBC.com: Blackstar: Did Pentagon create orbital space plane?
03/06/2006 - The Space Review: Cronkite on space: inspiration, not information
02/17/2006 - MSNBC.com: Records offer rare look at space medical secrets
07/18/2005 - The Space Review: “ASTP + 30 – Real Lessons
02/23/2005 - MSNBC.com: “The unsung astronaut (Robert Lawrence)
02/07/2005 - The Space Review: “What does a sick "space safety culture" smell like?
12/2004 - Flight Journal: “TO THE MOON AND BACK (Flying the LM)
10/11/2004 - MSNBC.com: “Spacecraft designer Max Faget leaves a huge legacy
08/20/2004 - MSNBC.com: Buffs Cling to Faded UFO Camouflage Stories
07/19/2004 - MSNBC.com: Secret Ingredient in the Case for Manned Moon Flight
07/16/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA Awards Moon Rocks to Astronauts
07/06/2004 - MSNBC.com: Cosmonaut Nikolayev's Body Reported Hijacked By Politician
04/2004 - Air & Space: Old-Timers Advice for New Spaceships
11/21/2003 - MSNBC.com: Russia's Secret: Space Station Nearly Died The Day It Was Born
11/2003 - Air & Space: Inflatable Reentry Vehicles - Past and Future
09/22/2003 - MSNBC.com: Strange journey of a lunar rock
04/2004 - Skeptical Inquirer: Lesson of the "Fake Moon Flight" Myth
3/2003 - Skeptical Inquirer: “Lessons of the 'fake moon flight' myth
10/31/2002 - NASA Hires Writer to Debunk Apollo Theory
06/2002 - Flight Journal: "Soyuz 5's Flaming Return"
Area 51 and Gordon Coopers "Confiscated Camera"
03/22/2001 - CNN: Oberg to ride Mir mockup to simulated destruction
2001 - How Mars Missions Fail -- And How To Prevent It
06/2000 - Review of Haimoff's "The Cosmonaut Coverup"
04/2000 - All-Woman Shuttle Crew Proposal Nixed . UPI
02/2000 - Space sex hoax rises again
04/1999 - Secrets of Soyuz
03/31/1999 - Purdue University (speech): The STS-48 "Zig Zag UFO" -- A Prosaic Explanation (large 12mb file - smaller version coming soon)
09/1998 - ASK.com: Were Living Bacteria Found on Retrieved Surveyor-3 Part?
05/1998: Shuttle astronaut threatened suicide?
03/10/1996: Kazakhstan to spell space names differently
1996: Gordon Feller's "dead cosmonaut" list is unbelievable
04/1995 - Max Faget: Master Spaceship Builder
07/1994 - Apollo-11 TV Documentary Misrepresentations
07/1993 - OMNI: “Rocks for sale - lunar rocks
1992 - Could NASA Have Saved Skylab?
04/1991 - James Oberg remembers Yuri Gagarin
12/1990 - The Nedelin Catastrophe: James Oberg's classic account of the greatest disaster in space history.
10/1990 - Inside Baikonur
06/04/1990 - NASA Contract: Survey of Russian EVA Maintenance Experience
06/1990 - Air&Space Magazine: "Inside Star City"
02/1990 - Trouble In Star City: The beginning of the end of the Soviet Space Industry
1990 - Sleuthing Soviet Space Secrets
1988 - Uncovering Soviet Disasters: Chapter on dead cosmonauts
03/1986 - Soviet Aerospace Disinformation
Phantoms of Space
06/1981 - Omni: The OTRAG space privateer saga link 1, link 2
1981 - The Politics of the First Woman in Space (Tereshkova) - Excerpt from 'Red Star in Orbit' (PDF File)


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