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06/28/2010 - MSNBC.com: The right and wrong stuff for space cooperation
04/2010 - IEEE Spectrum: Wesley T. Huntress: Author of NASA's New Strategy
01/05/2009 - The Space Review: The problems with MIT’s “The Future of Human Spaceflight”
2008 - Political Issues
10/30/2008 - John Glenn Space Reflight Ten-Year Anniversary
10/01/2008 - MSNBC.com: US-Russian Space Partnership Works as Reluctant Co-Dependence
05/2008 - Mars Phoenix Stories
10/03/2007 - MSNBC.com: Lessons from the Sputnik generation
Summer 2007 - Ad Astra: Space-Based Weapons: A Legacy of Disaster and Discovery [Polyus Debacle]
05/14/2007 - TheSpaceReview.com: The Mercury 13: setting the story straight
12/10/2006 - MSNBC.com: Russians misled into overreacting on space weapons
11/13/2006 - The Space Review: The trouble with space weapons treaties
06/2006 - "Science Web" Magazine (Tokyo): The Future of the Russian Space Program
04/28/2006 - MSNBC.com: Controversial NFIRE satellite launched
03/06/2006 - The Space Review: Cronkite on space: inspiration, not information
02/06/2006 - The Space Review: “Russians try to sell the Moon for foreign cash”
02/02/2006 - NASA Langley Space Center lecture: “Russia - Candidate Roles in the Exploration Vision”
01/17/2006 - MSNBC.com: “Do astronauts and alcohol mix?”
12/09/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Japan's asteroid mission -- its innovation should inspire”
11/2005 - Astronomy: The Biggest Hole in the Moon
07/26/2005: MSNBC.com: Russian moon fly-by tourism proposal
07/18/2005 - The Space Review: “ASTP + 30 – Real Lessons
06/03/2005 - MSNBC.com: A Russian reality check on space weapons
04/01/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Time running out for space station deal
03/22/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Scientist at center of Mars flap speaks out (Carol Stoker)
02/28/2005 - The Space Review: Action-reaction in space: the "gyrodine war" heats up
02/23/2005 - MSNBC.com: “The unsung astronaut (Robert Lawrence)
02/15/2005 - MSNBC.com: Missing: One Russian spy satellite
02/11/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Does Mars need women? Russians say no
01/08/2005 - New Scientist Print Edition: 2005: a tough year ahead for NASA
10/18/2004 – MSNBC.com: Space lessons from the Russians
08/06/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA could learn from private sector
07/19/2004 - MSNBC.com: Secret Ingredient in the Case for Manned Moon Flight
05/18/2004 - MSNBC.com: Baseless Rumor of Canceled Man-to-Moon Program
05/01/2004 - Popular Science: Converting ISS into a Space Hotel
04/27/2004 - Oberg testifies before Congress on Chinese moon plans
04/22/2004 - USA Today: Consider cosmic view of Earth Day
04/19/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA says no to 12-month space mission
04/16/2004 - MSNBC.com: The war of words over war in space
04/05/2004 - Space News: New Planetoid Opens Magical Possibilities
04/2004 - Air & Space: Old-Timers Advice for New Spaceships
03/22/2004 - MSNBC.com: Hubble debate - a lot of sound and fury
03/14/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA Anxious of New Military Chief of Russian Space
01/21/2004 - MSNBC.com: Presidential Space Vision
01/14/2004 - USA TODAY: “Think outside moon-Mars box: Maybe visit asteroid
01/14/2004 - DISCOVERY-CANADA: Streaming-Video of Jim Oberg on 'Daily Planet' re Bush Space Policy
01/06/2004 - New Scientist: New Space Plan "Part of Get-Well Strategy"
11/17/2003 - MSNBC.com: ISS Tourist Visits to Stop by 2009
11/17/2003 - MSNBC.com interview: 'Fear Should Motivate Space Exploration'
10/01/2003 - Spectrum: "Make ISS A Stepping-Stone To The Planets"(with Cass & Zak)
08/21/2003 - USA Today: NASA Requires Overhaul at the Top
02/03/2003 - abc.net.au: Future of space missions questioned [post-Columbia]

Oberg: “I think some people are using the coffins as a soapbox. It always happens, it is unseemly and the best thing to do is treat such people with the contempt they deserve.”
Oberg: “We are explorers, we are discoverers, and that if we stop exploring and discovering, we stagnate and eventually we’re gone, because we humans are descendents, not of the stay-at-homes, the smug self-satisfied stomach and groin crowd, but of the people who went out, risked and died to find out new things.”

06/02/2001 - New Scientist: The Heavens at War
05/17/2001 - USA Today: US Vulnerability in Space Deserves Attention Now
12/20/2001 - Play "Space Card" Against Source of Islamic Terrorism
06/12/2001 - American Legion: Space War
11/04/2000 - Toward a Post-Clinton-Gore Space Policy
04/2000 - All-Woman Shuttle Crew Proposal Nixed UPI
03/2001 - Scientific Anerican, w/ Buzz Aldrin: A Bus Between the Planets
01/2000 - NASA hypes "Glenn Mission" Science UPI
11/11/1999 - Speech on Russian partnership, Baker Institute, Houston
11/1999 - The Russian Space Partnership: Promises and Perils
07/1999 - The US-Russian Space Relationship: Symbolism At Any Cost?
04/1999 - Space: The Next Steps
03/1999 - MISSILES FOR ALL: The New Global Threat
10/07/1998 - Congressional Testimony
10/1998 - Cosmonaut Mansions at Star City
10/1998 - In Space Today-Russia and NASA
1998 - A Planetary Protection Prediction
12/1997 - NASA's Deliberate Self-Deception on the Russians
03/10/1996: Kazakhstan to spell space names differently
01/17/1994 - INSIGHT: “Russia, U.S. uneasy allies in space effort
07/1984 - Pearl Harbor in Space
1982 - Jim calls for Shuttle-Salyut Linkup [Ten Years Too Early]
1981 - The Politics of the First Woman in Space (Tereshkova) - Excerpt from 'Red Star in Orbit' (PDF File)


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