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Jim at his desk.
While at work in Mission Control, Houston, Jim helps develop crew procedures for orbital rendezvous in a space shuttle simulator (circa 1985).

While doing graduate work on a NASA grant, Jim attends the launch of Apollo-8 in December 1968.
Jim uses his natural advantages to penetrate Soviet space secrets at Star City, 1990.
Jim meets Vasiliy Mishin, Korolyov's successor as head of the Soviet space program, 1995
Jim discusses the past, present, and future of space with Bob Gilruth, first head of the NASA space center in Houston, circa 1980.

Jim with Freeman Dyson, 1978, at the conference on "Where Are They? Implications of Our Failure to Detect Extraterrestrials".
The STS-2 (November 1981) orbit-shift propulsion team in Mission Control: front left, Ron Dittemore (former head of the shuttle program); back center, Billy Gerstenmaier (now head of NASA's entire manned space program); back right, Mike Engle (station manager); front right, Jim.
Jim receives National Space Club 'Robert Goddard History Award', 1975, for essay on the Soviet side of the Moon Race.
Jim watches a Soyuz launch at Baykonur with cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov
Jim inspects Soviet spy satellite offered for sale (1994). In front row of Mission Control in Houston, Jim served as 'Rendezvous
Guidance and Procedures Officer' for space shuttle missions (circa 1990).


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