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Shuttle dawn "twilight zone" where dots "appear"
Strange Shuttle Sights: Unearthly and Mundane
Some Notorious 'Anomalous' Shuttle Events
Shuttle TV: Is What We See What NASA Gets?
Proper Research Suggestions for 'Space UFO Videos'
MSNBC // June 13, 2008 // Why NASA watches out for true UFOs
More Weird ‘Space Cases’ – Cracked
Station Crew Watches Space Debris Go By (2004)
Columbia Zig-Zag “Lightning Strike” (2003) – a camera artifact
Columbia Disaster Warning (2003) – the Unseen ‘UFO’
STS-80 “UFO Video”
STS-75 UFOs & Tether Video
STS-63 – Debating ‘Skeptical Ed’
Apollo-era NASA Study of Anomalous External Objects
The ‘Bogie’ of Gemini-7
Gemini-4 – McDivitt’s Sighting
NASA-produced video compilation (1979) of unusual outside sights
Analog (1976): "Unidentified Fraudulent Objects"
Early NASA Manned Spaceflight UFOs – Bogus


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