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Title: The New Race for Space
Date: 9/94
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Stackpole

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A survey of present and future topics in US and Soviet space activities

Foreword by Ben Bova

"The veteran space reporter has never lost his enthusiasm or excitement.... Oberg displays his insider's knowledge of Soviet activities.... Amusing, colorful material.... All told, a compendium that will please its intended audience" - Kirkus Reviews

"[Oberg is] one of the most prolific and talented writers in the space field.... [The book] is easy reading -- not pages of technospeak. It is peppered with nuggets of information I've never read elsewhere.... On some tidbits of Soviet data, you'd swear Oberg receives private briefings from the cosmonauts.... Readers will find The New Race for Space a valuable addition to their library. It stands as a milestone book for where American and Soviet space exploits stand today, and a signpost of what's coming over the space horizon" - Leonard David, Editor, Space World Magazine


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