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The Puzzle of Astronaut Gordo Cooper's UFO Stories

2008 Note-of-Interest: Why Would Cooper Tell Such Tales?

Reply to Cohen critique (2003)

Cooper saves shuttle with relayed telepathic warning from space aliens

Cooper’s Gemini Stories Versus NASA History Archives

Cooper’s Imaginary Gemini-5 Meteor Attack

Cooper Garbles McDivitt’s UFO Story

Massive Effort To Locate Cooper UFO Report

1997 - Wall Street Journal on Cooper’s Business Disasters

Area 51 and Gordon Coopers "Confiscated Camera"

photo: Gordo Cooper and Ed Mitchell on Apollo-10 backup crew, 1969

photo: Cooper with AFROTC cadet Oberg [1963]

Mercury MA-9 mission [1963]

Gemini GT-5 mission [1965]

Autobiography: "Leap of Faith"

Dies in 2004

Poor reputation within NASA

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs
Link 1
Link 2

Cooper's original Germany 'UFO story' -- Weather balloons
March 5, 1976: Acuff [Jack Acuff, NICAP Director] tells me: "I talked to Cooper several years ago. He is into weird stuff, but he said he hadn't seen any UFOs on his space flights.... he did talk about a UFO in Germany that he chased and then decided was a weather balloon."

Cooper - Acuff

The Hunt For Gordon Cooper's UFOs [1984 investigation]




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