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Title: Pioneering Space: Living on the New Frontier
Date: 2/86
Price: $6.95
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

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The human side of the spaceflight experience, particularly the impact of long-duration space occupancy on the spacefarers.
Foreword by Isaac Asimov

"The Obergs... have been painstaking observers of both American and Soviet space exploration through all its as-yet short history. [In this book they] summarize what we know about life in space and what we may expect as such life multiplies and expands. They are both comprehensive and comprehensible. They talk soberly and interestingly of the great imponderabilities and the nitty-gritties" - Isaac Asimov

"An engrossing and vivid account of what life is like in [space].... Here is the human side of life in orbit. Few readers can fail to be gripped -- and occasionally amused -- by [these] revelations...." - Publishers Weekly

"The authors succeed in conveying the experience of spaceflight to the general reader.... The discussions of the human side of space flight are interesting." - Library Journal

"James and Alcestis Oberg write lucidly and comprehensively about the daily demands, joys, and terrors of spacefaring.... The Obergs' approach is intensely human-centered.... [The book] offers a riveting, multidimensional account of daily life in orbit... The Obergs are at their eloquent best when they view the future of manned spaceflight" - National Air and Space Museum's New Air and Space Magazine

"The Obergs... present fascinating details that emphasize the biological and behavioral problems that beset long-duration space flight.... Altogether, a neat blending of the practical with the possible that emphasizes human ingenuity and adaptability" - Kirkus Reviews


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