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Opinion polls now indicate that most Americans believe "something strange is going on" regarding UFO reports. Oberg explains why he is not convinced of this, but attributes the social phenomenon to cultural patterns, eyewitness limitations, some clever hoaxes, and a news media degenerating into entertainment rather than information and insight. Oberg reviews the history of "flying saucers" and how it fit into Western culture. He discusses how known prosaic stimuli can produce the entire range of classic UFO perceptions. Then he talks about the misuse of hypnosis in extracting false memories from subjects. The question of "secret government interest" is addressed by pointing out that many activities of genuine interest to government agencies are often misperceived and reported as "UFOs". He goes into detail on his successful investigations of famous UFO cases involving many astronauts, as well as incidents seen by hundreds of thousands of witnesses in Argentina, China, Russia, France, the Persian Gulf, and elsewhere. Oberg is a founding fellow of the "Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal", and was the leading "UFO commentator" of OMNI magazine.


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