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Guide to Phobos-Grunt Video


Russian narration – here are the high points:
0:45 wrong booster – this is a Soyuz, now it is to be a Zenit
1:22 apparatus. On top, return module
1:40 Mission module to perform the landing
1:58 Propulsion module to get into trans-Mars trajectory
2:40 injection from Earth parking orbit towards Mars
3:25 Aug 2010, reach Mars, enter orbit
3:52 Second impulse to match orbit to Phobos
4:15 Third impulse, orbit just outside Phobos orbit
4:35 After four months, enter Phobos-synchronous orbit
5:00 Approach and land – in autonomous mode
5:30 laser altimeter, then radar and TV camera views
6:05 landing
6:40 drill extracts core samples; sleeve with core winds inside return capsule
7:05 arm gathers samples for on site analysis (microscope in ‘hand’)
8:00 launch from Phobos, enter Mars parking orbit
9:00 apoapsis maneuver adjusts plane for departure
9:15 begin 11-month voyage to Earth
9:45 entry and impact
10:13 Phobos activities continue


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