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Title: Uncovering Soviet Disasters
Date: 1988
Price: $6.95
Publisher: Random House

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Uncovering Soviet Disasters -- NY Times review (Feb 28, 1988)

"Oberg's book... fills gaps in our knowledge of recent Russian history. Well documented..., the book serves as a fine interim report on the effects of glasnost." - NY Times

"A remarkable job of detective work!" - Nick Daniloff

"Highly recommended!" - Library Journal

"A fascinating exploration... written with the flair of a detective novelist" - American Library Association's Booklist

"A clear, relaxed, journalistic style... (which) makes for extremely interesting and entertaining reading" - National Review

"A crackerjack book!" - Barry Farber, WMCA, New York

"Dogged is the word that fits Oberg.... He leaves no page unturned. It is a motherlode of material and Oberg is adept at separating probable fact from probable fiction. This accretion of detail gives the book credibility" - Washington Post

"(A) fantastic book! Oberg's an incredible supersleuth... It beats any thriller or whodunit you might see on cable TV. Don't miss this one." - Petr Beckmann, Access to Energy

"When Oberg delves deep into issues, his research is admirable." LA Times




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